Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Interview with Denise De Gaetano

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A few days ago, I interviewed Denise De Gaetano, a data scientist, science communicator and entrepreneur by profession. She is also the founder of Comino Magazine.

What is data science?
Data science is an interdisciplinary field, which uses data to extract information. This information can then lead to a multitude of benefits in multiple sectors such as health and traffic flow.  

When and how did you become interested in data science?
This is a very new science, possibly one of the newest sciences around. Given our size, it is an even newer science here in Malta and I only really understood what data science was around 10 years ago. Given that I always loved and found mathematics very easy to understand and moreover, I was very interested in different areas of science, this was a perfect combination to me. It allows me to utilize different areas of science and business acumen, all at once. I believe that this science is one which will continue growing exponentially. Providing so many different opportunities, both nationally and internationally and collaborations with different scientists, institutions and businesses, it is an area of science, which will soon be considered as a possible option, by many more students.

Apart from being a data scientist, you are also a science communicator. How do you see the future of data science and science communication in Malta?
There may not be too many data scientists here in Malta, but the knowledge this science brings to any business is so powerful, that most businesses will start analyzing this area in more depth. We can already find some companies, here in Malta, building their analytics departments. On the other hand, I believe that science communication has been in Malta for a number of years.

You also have an online lifestyle platform. Can you tell us about it?
Comino Magazine is a young, fresh, sophisticated platform, which attracts an international audience. It is a brand over a number of different online platforms covering an array of subject matters, latest news, reviews and articles. 

Finally, what piece of advise do you give to other bloggers/people who would like to start blogging?
Do what you love. It may not be perfect the first time round, but, if it will help you grow as an individual, all the work and effort you put into it, will all be worthwhile. 

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