Saturday, 27 May 2017

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta 2017, Day 2 - Parascandalo

Hello my fellow readers,

Last Tuesday's third show for Malta Fashion Week was by Marco Parascandalo and the collection is called Vanity Rebels, he was inspired by vanity of youth and pop culture.

The collection is quite colourful but blue, green, red, yellow and black are the mostly seen. It consisted of a lot of denim such as jeans and denim/jean jackets and patches made out of denim, which are really creative, hoodies and bomber jackets, slogan t-shirts, skirts, dresses and swim wear.

Parascandalo is known for his iconic slogan t-shirts, this year the t-shirts and hoodies read: 'A─žjar Minnek' (better than you) , 'Isbah Hekk' (nicer like this)  and 'Ejja minn hemm' (come on).

I really liked the denim patches that were stuck on the multiple clothing articles. Something I also really liked were the cute denim clutch bags and the Parascandalo bandanas.

 My favourites:

This year I got the opportunity to work backstage and these are some photos I took before the show:

The designer himself:

A very big well done goes to Marco Parascandalo for the amazing collection, you wow us every single time. 

A special thanks goes to JCiappara Photography for the fashion show photos - and

Thank you for reading,
                                     Lourdes Gio xxx

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