Sunday, 17 September 2017

BeYu VIP Makeup Session - Franks

Hello my fellow readers,

About 3 weeks ago I attended to a makeup session at Franks (at the Plaza shopping complex, Sliema).

I know its a bit late for this post to go up but I was abroad and didn't have the time to write it before I left. When I arrived, I was seated around a table with mirrors in front of each seat. There were brushes on the side. Franks Trainer, Claire Falzon, guided us on how to use BeYu's new collection and how to get the best possible look for our facial features.

First we started off by getting to know the importance of using a primer under the foundation, such as makeup would apply more smoothly on the face and that it lasts longer. One could use different types of primers, it depends on the skin type and what you need it the most for, such as to achieve a glowy skin look or a matt one. Then Claire, showed us how to apply it on her model and we followed and did the same on our faces. I personally used the Healthy Glow one. 

Next we applied foundation and concealer. We used the new cover and clear spot stick which is an 
anti-spot treatment and a long-lasting concealer in one. Under our eyes we then used normal concealer as the stick cannot be used around the eyes. After we moved on by applying eye-shadow base as this is very important because it helps eye makeup last longer. 

Then as a base colour for eyeshadow I used the Colour Biggie Long - Lasting waterproof pen in a cream colour. Next Claire showed us the new Catwalk Star Eyeshadow and how to use them, and I used light purple colours and then smoked out my black pencil liner. 
For mascara I used a volumizing one and for eyebrows I tried an eyebrow gel for the first time and I have to say its great although I am going to stick to my eyebrow pencil. 

Claire and her model

In 2017 its all about contouring and highlighting, I don't know a lot about this as I don't usually apply these. I usually go for bronzer and occasionally a bit of highlight on my cheek bones, but Claire showed us how to use them correctly. For lips, I used a natural pink colour to go with the eyeshadow look. 

 My cousin and best friend while applying her eyeliner

My makeup look in different lighting

I would like to thank Franks for organizing this event, I truly had so much fun trying the new collection and new ways on how to apply makeup. I also want to thank Claire Falzon for the tips and the model for also helping out (I'm very sorry I forgot the name). Thanks also for the goodie bag I will definitely try these items especially the bronzer, and you readers keep an eye out for a review and maybe even a makeup haul from BeYu as I eyed some interesting makeup products that I want to try out. (And also thanks to my cousin and best friend for some of the photos)

You can check out BeYu in any of the Franks stores located all around Malta. 

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