Sunday, 22 May 2016

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta Day 4 - Rosita Silk Sense

Last Tuesday, the second show at the Malta Fashion Week was that of dress designer and artist Rosita (Silk Sense).

About the Designer:
Rosita is a dress designer and artist from Lithuania. In Lithuania winter is very long and cold but when it comes to Spring and Summer, wild flowers and bright colours are seen everywhere you look.
Rosita moved to Malta in 2013. Back in her native country she already was a reknowned fashion designer and after observing what was on Malta's fashion market, she introduced a new form of artistic expression: hand painted silk apparel. She wanted to achieve something unique and refreshingly original. Rosita wanted to go back to the olden times by painting on silk which took place in Asia and India. The creations are first painted on raw white silk, she than adds organic substances such as sugar, wax or salt which react with the dye before it dries producing a unique pattern never to be repeated.

About Rosita's Collection:
Her latest collection is named 'Joie De Vivre' which translates in English as joy of living. She was both fascinated and inspired from the Maltese sunshine and perpetually summer-blue skies and put together a hand-painted silk clothing collection. The designs are well made and they are very beautiful.

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