Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta - Printed Silk Scarfs By Saz Mifsud

Last Sunday an exhibition of printed silk scarves by Saz Mifsud opened at Fort St Angelo.
This exhibition is going to be showing for the whole week of Malta Fashion Week 2016.

About Saz Mifsud and her collections:
These scarves are the designer's own paintings printed on silk material. She turns her paintings into pieces of clothing. As Saz said: "This concept has evolved from the desire to give every woman a print of her own." Each print tells the story of different elements that have inspired her.
Her collections are printed and made from a series of drawings, paintings and collages. She also is constantly experimenting with new media and after the experiments take place, she then transfers them to the computer where further experimentation takes place in digital form.

In her work she uses a combination of hand and digital painting which takes life when digitally printed onto different kinds of silk. She also is inspired by the way different silk absorbs colour and her range includes: chiffon, habotai, satin, georgette and silk crepe. Her passion for colour and natural fibres is what drives this approach to scarf making. 
(credits: page:https://www.facebook.com/SazMifsud/?fref=ts )

The collection showcased at Fort St Angelo is called Pollen's Poetry. The silk scarves where inspired by the Ephemerality of a flower and the concept of using the ephemeral qualities of flowers and plants to inspire silk prints that will last forever. The clear prints fading into blurred abstractions, 
bold colours fading into grey hues make the scarves unique.

Thank you for reading,
                                     Lourdes Gio xx 

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