Thursday, 28 July 2016

Valentini Show 2017 Bridal Collection at Camilleri Paris Mode.

Last Week I attended the Valentini bridal showcase hosted by Camilleri Paris Mode.

The show consisted of various wedding dresses made with different materials, colours and embellishments. I especially liked the ones which were Ivory and Blush coloured.  There was also a variety of different lenght dresses such as long and high-low.

The models walked through the Rabat shop to show the guests the dresses they were wearing.

Some of the beautiful dresses were embellished with beads and buttons that made them look very elegant and sophisticated, just to make your wedding truly special.

Also on display there was a very large variety of different types of occasional fabrics, dresses and beautiful shoes. 

Here the bride-to-be finds everything she needs to make her big day a memorable one! Even sugar almonds in unusual colours!  

Below are some of the breathtaking dresses:

And this is what I wore for the event.

Thank you for reading, 
Lourdes Gio xx

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