Sunday, 31 July 2016

Gran Gala Della Moda

Last week on Saturday in Valletta there was the Gran Gala Della Moda. This event was hosted by the Chamber of Fashion Malta (under the patronage of the Italian Embassy in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in Valletta, the Maltese Chamber of Commerce.)

This took place in Saint George's Square, in front of the beautiful Grand Master's Palace.

Three designers showcased their works on this night, two of which were Italian and the other Maltese.

First up was Gianni Molaro. In his collection he incorporated a lot of colours but I guess the most shown was the yellow and the black. He added also colours such as red, blue and white. Sparkles were the main thing, almost on every piece.

Gianni Molaro

Next up was the Maltese designer Luke Azzopardi and the name of the colection is "The Opium Addict". Luke Azzopardi added a lot of yellow and green and mixed with white and black amongst other colours. the embellishments he used made the dresses look more unique.

Luke Azzopardi

The last designer Carlo Alberto Terranova (New Land Couture). This was his first time ever to showcase his collection.The collection consisted of very beautiful and elegant dresses in black, whits and sparkles.

Carlo Alberto Terranova

And this is what I wore for the event.
Photo credit Carmelo Establier.

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