Sunday, 9 October 2016

Saints,love and Mediterranean lights

Last Saturday, (8th October, 2016)  I had the chance to witness the breathtaking F/W 2016 collection entitled "Saints,love and Mediterranean lights" by Charles & Ron. The designers hosted this show together with the Birkirkara local council and Hospice Malta. The event took place in Saint Helen Square, Birkirkara, the designer's hometown. 
The show was accompanied by the two Birkrkara band clubs: Duke of Connaught's Band Own and Saint Helen Band.

Charles & Ron were fascinated by the colourful lights that lit the church during the local Birkirkara feast. These lights can be seen in a couple of their designs. They also included St.Helen's crown in some other designs. The colours: Cardinal Pink, Saffron Yellow and Warm Red mixed with black made the pieces to stand out. Along with different materials the designers definitely made the designs unique. 

Some models also walked out with bags included in this collection. These bags are so beautiful and different in so many levels. They are colourful just like the clothes but they also have studs, are made with different materials and a variety of sizes. My two favorite bags have to be the 'Saint' one and the 'Mini Queen' bag. 

These are some pictures that I managed to take during the show. Hope you enjoy as much as I did!!!

                               A very big Well done to Both Charles and Ron

Thank you for reading,

                                     Lourdes Gio xx

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