Sunday, 23 October 2016


Hello my fellow friends, welcome back!
Since we are in Fall I thought that I would make an outfit post for you. 

So today I went out with my family and it was quite a lovely day although it got a little cloudy. The weather is always changing and the heat hasn't completely left us so I still wanted to wear something light. 

The top (from F&F) is very light and filled with colourful flower patterns. the good thing about it is that you can also adjust the lengths of the sleeve; So lets say it got a bit chillier, I could just roll the sleeves down.
The pair of jeans I am wearing (from Terranova) are most probably my favourite pair. These jeans are very stretchy and comfortable and are also ripped.
That rose gold watch I bought from ebay for a very reasonable price.
Both my white pearl earrings and my small cute pink clutch bag are from the local market.
And lastly those shoes! They are white heels with an adjustable strap (from New Look).

 Hope you will have a lovely week and thank you very much for reading,
                                                                                                                      Lourdes Gio xxx

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