Wednesday, 10 January 2018

What to wear to an afternoon tea | Lourdes Gio

Hello my fellow readers,

I hope you had a good start of 2018, I was sick all throughout its first week but I'm ok now. Since its a new year, I am going to start and post weekly and I'm also working for an award that includes blogging and I will tell you about that in a future post.

Everybody loves afternoon tea right? I mean, I know I do! To close off 2017, together with my family, I went for afternoon tea at the Corinthia Palace Hotel in Attard. Its beautiful! I only have been there once before when I was a kid but its even more nicer then I remember it. I always like to hear stories from my grandma about the place, because she was the first seamstress they had, only the best!

For this event, I wanted to dress up a bit but also be comfortable. Comfortable is always the number one thing I look for when digging inside my wardrobe for an outfit. Although high heels may not be the ideal comfortable wear, a soft sweathshirt is.

Top: New Look, Asos. They just put it on sale now too so you can get it for even less.
Trousers: New Look. Not the exact ones but still very cute.
Heels: First Sight. Not the exact ones but they are black stillettos so no complaints.
Jacket: BHS. This one's the most similar that I could find. But if you go around in shops you'll find similar ones for sure.
Earings: Accessorize. something smaller but similar.
Bag: Michael Kors. I got it as a gift.
Hat: Tally Weijl. Pretty similar to mine.
Lipstick: Ebay. My beloved matte liquid lipstick.

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