Friday, 15 June 2018

10th Anniversary Pink Fashion show | Lourdes Gio

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I apologize, I haven't posted in a very long time but, I'm back!

Last Wednesday was the 10th Pink fashion show by Times of Malta. It was held at the beautiful Garden King George V in Floriana. The grounds were decorated very nicely with Pavaljuni and Bandalori which are traditional Maltese festa decorations. The show started with a traditional Maltese band marching down the catwalk while playing their beautiful instruments. Then, we were off to "A festa of fashion".

The first model came out wearing Orsay, the second brand was Coccinelle, then there was Carla Grima and Emthunzini Hats, Pedro del Hierro, Isle and Aqua and O'hea Optitions, Oltre and Furla, Ipanema, Cortefiel and last but not least Women'secret.



Carla Grima and Emthunzini Hats:

Piedro del Hierro:

Isle and Aqua and Ohea Optitions:

Oltre and Furla:



Women's Secret:

After the show I had the chance to go look at the stands that were at the show:

They had these amazing new shades of lipstick, and you can choose your own case!

Stephanie Borg:

I have been following Stephanie Borg for quite a long time now and I was very happy to meet this amazing designer.

Uno de 50:

A big thank you goes to all the sponsors for the goodie bag and also a big well done to Pink Magazine, I enjoyed it a lot!

Also, this is what I wore:

Dress: Debenhams
Necklace: Perditi
Earrings:  Zara
Handbag:  Bazaar in Valletta
Shoes: New look
Thanks to Jciappara Photography for the photos of the outfit

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